LEMAN International System Transport – on the move LEMAN offers logistics solutions by road, air, sea and rail in cooperation with group companies and a worldwide network of agents. Today, LEMAN employs more than 500 employees at 22 offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK and the USA. LEMAN was founded at the turn of the century, and has suited the transportation needs of the business life for more than a decade. LEMAN is a dynamic company on the move. We meet our customer’s need in relation to capacity, prices, frequency, reliability, communication and flexibility. We focus invariably on new development and update those areas accordingly.

Contact person: Niels Bierbum  Telephone no.: +45 20305052  Mail: femern@leman.dk

International road transport in Europe: Road transport continues to be the dominating means of transport in Europe, as one of the leading forwarding companies in Denmark, LEMAN has an integrated traffic system from Northern Norway to The Black Sea. Because of this integrated traffic network, LEMAN is able to advise about the most economically means of transport for the given job in the right time and place.

Sea freigh Based on long-standing relationships with a wide range of container and breakbulk shipping lines and local agents worldwide, LEMAN is able to offer the assurance that comes with absolute reliability at every crucial step in the supply chain. In this way potential time-related problems are realized in time and alternative means of transport are explored and decided to use as a supplement.

Air freight and courier: LEMAN has great experience in airfreight and in cooperation with airlines and local agentsLEMAN is able to offer the assurance that comes with absolute reliability at every crucial step in the supply chain. LEMAN tailors transportations after the given requirements, i.e. door-to-door, courier or onboard. We offer competitive prices, good quality, professional shipping and forwarding agents and contact 24/7.

Project shipping – special-/heavy haulage: LEMAN offers tailored solutions for all transportation jobs and provides intermodal transport solutions worldwide. We are able to carry out any desired job; no matter the length, the breadth, the height or the weight. Our specialists work together with the client in order to make the best solution for each job. This also includes the necessary site surveys before or during the job execution.

Customs clearance – fiscal representation: LEMAN has the specialists and the expertise and is continually updated on the existing customs rules. Our highly qualified employees are ready to assist you, regardless if the job is concerned with temporary stock, inward/outward processing or “Time out” rules.

Fiscal representation Inter-Distrans, Ventrupvej 6, 2670 Greve, Denmark (a company within the LEMAN group) Specialists in fiscal representation  www.inter-distrans.dk




  • Logistic warehouses
  • Airfreight
  • Spedition & Customs clearance
  • Customs clearance