FEMERN SERVICE PARTNERS  (FESPA)  is a regional network of professional partners consisting of about 30 companies, that have a combined turnover of over 1.5 billion Euros and employ over 3000 people.

FESPA can offer complete package solutions within, for example transport, logistics and port operation; complete and energy optimal prefabricated housing, that lives up to the rigid environmental and welfare standards ,that will be demanded by contractors; facility services, including watchmen, acute medical emergency services, cleaning, canteens, etc., as well as delivery of numerous goods and products needed by main and sub-contractors and other actors involved in the construction of the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel as well as other major projects in Region Zealand.

Our cooperation with Baltic Facility Solutions in Lübeck enables us to undertake assignments on both sides of the Fehmarn Sound.

FESPA naturally works together with authorities and organizers to ensure that all work is performed by authorised workers and that each and every product lives up to all valid national regulations.

FESPA runs a service center, situated in the port of Rødbyhavn.  It is a “one stop shop”, open 24/7/365 from which can be arranged immediate and effective contact to experienced and competent specialists covering all the relevant trades.

For instance, FESPA can provide all forms of energy and lubricating oils from OK Oliea complete service package for the supply and maintenance of working clothes from De Forenede Dampvaskeriertransport and logistic solutions fromLeman A/Senvironmentally correct waste management from REFAtools and accessories from Berner A/S,  housing and office pavilions from ABC Pavillioner and steel constructions from  Lemvig Müller as well as countless other services.

FESPA also has disposition over warehouse facilities in the port that can be used as buffer storage for different products, that are needed urgently on the harbor and building site.

Contact FEMERN SERVICE PARTNERS at phone +45 2576 8011.