DELTA RENGØRING will collaborate with you to create a hygienic indoor environment.  Our many experienced service assistants are ready to provide the very best service.  Our service programme spans everything from rough cleaning in production to the most thorough in the doctor’s surgery.

There is only one thing that counts: The result.

Most of our clients are more interested in the result of the cleaning than how it has been achieved. Therefore,DELTA RENGØRING has moved away from common practice in the branch where cleaning systems focus on the process, rather than on the results. With Delta Quality Cleaning, the customer chooses the quality level, that will be the result of the cleaning.  Thereafter, DELTA RENGØRING selects the methods necessary to achieve and uphold the required result.



  • Supervision of outdoor areas
  • Cleaning & window cleaning
  • Purchasing and stocking up hygiene products
  • Delivery of paper and plastic products
  • Delivery of cleaning equipment and preparations
  • Hygiene products
  • Paper and plastic products for canteen etc.