Cramo Adapteo make adding extra space easy – from analyzing your needs and designing a solution to building and dismantling it. Using a range of flexible modular units, our industry leading experts ensure the process goes quickly and smoothly.

Our modular units are built to the same exacting standards as permanent buildings. They can be combined in lots of different ways to suit the area you have to work with, whether that means building them side-by-side, as an extension to an existing building or stacked into several floors.

With Cramo Adapteo, you can conveniently rent welcoming new space to meet your people’s needs, from school children of all ages to office workers and lodgers. We see modular space as a chance not just to expand, but to create room for great days.

You will find Cramo Adapteo in the following markets: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germay, Latvia and Lithuania. More markets to follow.